It has been two years since I started the project space-vim. Ever since I tried spacemacs, I had became a big fan of its default theme: spacemacs-theme, so I ported the dark version of it shortly, that is space-vim-dark, which is a dark only Vim colorscheme and has won some solid users in the past two years from my point of view.


But I still prefer the light background when using vim in daylight, for in which case I can’t see it very well on the dark background due the light reflection at times. Then I build a new one space-vim-theme on the strength of vim-colortemplate with the light background support added.

Finally we have the light version of spacemacs-theme :(.


The new colorscheme repo is liuchengxu/space-vim-theme. Install it using your preferred plugin manager, e.g., vim-plug:

Plug 'liuchengxu/space-vim-theme'

Try this new colorscheme by putting this line in your .vimrc:

color space_vim_theme

space-vim-theme is usable at the present, but has not well polished yet, feel free to tell me if you find something is not good!. ⤧  Next post Vista.vim: an alternative to tagbar for Vim8 and NeoVim ⤧  Previous post Use Vim as a Python IDE