Linux and macOS

one-line installer

$ bash <(curl -fsSL


$ git clone ~/.space-vim
$ cd ~/.space-vim
$ make vim     # install space-vim for Vim
$ make neovim  # install space-vim for NeoVim


The easist way is to download install.cmd and run it as administrator.


Given git and Vim/NeoVim have been installed already:

  1. Clone space-vim
$ git clone ~/.space-vim
  1. Install vim-plug, refer to vim-plug installation section for more information.

  2. Create the symlinks.

    Linux and macOS

    # For Vim
    $ ln -s ~/.space-vim/init.vim ~/.vimrc
    # For NeoVim
    $ ln -s ~/.space-vim/init.vim ~/.config/nvim/init.vim
    # Both for Vim and NeoVim
    $ cp ~/.space-vim/init.spacevim ~/.spacevim
  3. Open vim, then space-vim will automatically install the missing plugins. If auto-installation fails unexpectly, please try running :PlugInstall manually.