Key BindingModeDescription
SPC b [1-9]Normalmove cursor to the window with number [1-9]
SPC w jNormalmove cursor to the window below current one
SPC w kNormalmove cursor to the window above current one
SPC w hNormalmove cursor to the window left of current one
SPC w lNormalmove cursor to the windows right of current one
SPC w JNormalIncrease current window height downwards
SPC w KNormalIncrease current window height upwards
SPC w HNormalIncrease current window height rightwards
SPC w LNormalIncrease current window height leftwards
SPC w vNormalsplit window vertically
SPC w 2Normal2 columns, equal to SPC w v
SPC w sNormalsplit window horizontally
SPC w -Normalequal to SPC w -
SPC w dNormaldelete the current window
SPC w qNormalquit the current window
SPC w wNormalchoose window
SPC w rNormalrotate windows downwards/rightwards
SPC w mNormalmaximize the window in GVim

window number